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 Kushimoto Marine Park
It is the first marine park Japan designated in 1970. It has some viewpoints: marine park, undersea viewing tower, glass bottom boat and diving park. The yearly average water temperature is from 16 to 20 degrees all year round. It is so clear that you can look deep into the 9-20 meter bottom of the sea.(adult ¥2,400 child ¥1,350 〔including Marine aquarium, Undersea viewing tower, Glass bottom boat〕 A.M.9:00〜P.M.16:30 0735-62-1122)
Marine aquarium

Many kinds of fishes and invertebrates including corals living in and around Kushimoto Undersea Park are kept in the aquarium. In the 24 meter long under-water tunnel, you will be moved by the awesome sight of 20 kinds of sharks and rays swimming above and around you.
Undersea viewing tower

It is located 14 meters off the shore. The grand view stretches out before you as you climb down the 6.3 meter-deep tower. It is like a fairy tale tropical world because many tropical fishes are swimming in the coral reefs around the tower
Glass bottom boat -the Stellamaris-

When you get on board, you can look at the wonderful scenery of the sea, including many tropical fishes and the coral reef around Kushimoto. Kushimoto undersea park area is the northern most point in Japan, where we can see corals. The boat leaves every 30 minutes from 9:30.
Diving park

All the equipment is prepared for diving. For more details, please make inquiries by telephone: 0735-62-6091
Kushimoto Town Tourism Association
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