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Ohkyo‐Rosetsu museum in Muryoji‐temple
There is "Ohkyo-Rosetsu museum" in Muryoji temple. It has many works of Ohkyo and his pupil Rosetsu. Several works of Ohkyo are national treasures in Japan. Most of the works by Ohkyo and Rosetsu here are important cultural assets.
Ohkyo and the monk of the temple were very good friends in Kyoto and the painter had promised to give his works to the monk when he had a temple of his own.

This temple was severely damaged by a big tidal wave about 200 years ago. Ohkyo had Rosetsu carry his works down to Kushimoto and helped the monk to build his temple again. Rosetsu stayed here for a long time and left a lot of valuable works here.
Picture of the tiger
Creature's dragon of imagination
OPEN A.M.9:30~P.M.4:30
ADMISSION FEE adult \1,000
child \500
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