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Oshima-Island is the largest island in Wakayama-Ken. It is located 1.8km off Kushimoto. Access to the island has become easy since the Kushimoto-Big-Bridge opened in 1999. Before the bridge was built, the way to the island was by a boat called "Junkousen"
1.Mt. Kanayama hiking course
There is a one-kilometer-long hiking course. There are a couple of ups and downs and you can arrive at the observation platform in thirty minutes. We can enjoy the nice view of Hashikui Rocks in front of us, Kushimoto town and Shionomisaki to the left side and the Koza-River, and Taiji and Mt. Nachi to the right side. The view at sunset is very beautiful. The setting sun shows us beautiful Kushimoto. Kushimoto is the best at sunset. You will feel as if you were looking at a masterpiece
2.The Japan-U.S. Friendship Memorial Museum
In 1791, 62 years before Commondole Perry visited Uraga
in 1853, two tradeships, the Lady Washington and the Grace entered a southern Japanese harbor at Oshima in the hope of selling sea-otter. One official document says that it was the
first friendly relationship between Japan and in U.S.A. This hall was built in memory of this small incident in 1975. In the Exhibition Hall you can learn the early history of contact between two countries and see the replica of the tradeship.(adult \250 child \120 A.M.9:00〜P.M.4:00 0735-65-0099)
Big rocks line up in Kashinozaki sea. There are many strange rocks such as pyramids and a lion's head. It is named after Mt. Kongo in North Korea. The waves of the sea break
against the rocks and make white bubbles. The sea is still encroaching on the cliff and making artistic rocks. You may feel the power of nature and its mystery. Above all, the pyramid is called "the rock of witch's comb". It was chosen by the Asahi Press in 1983 as "one of the 100 natural scenes we want to preserve for the 21st century".
4.The Turkish Sailors Monument / Turkish Museum
In 1890, the Turkish warship ERTUGRUL was shipwrecked off Kashinozaki because of a rainstorm. 587 people lost their lives in the accident. This monument has been dedicated to the spirits of the crew. The crew of 69, however, was saved by the people of Oshima, who gave the crew food and clothes, though they were poor and had little food themselves.
You can see the long history of friendship between Turkey and Japan in the Turkish Museum. Monument(Admission free) Museum(adult \250 child \120 A.M.9:00〜P.M.5:00 0735-65-0628)
Kashinozaki-cape is located in the eastern part of Oshima-Island and Kashinozaki-Lighthouse is in the cape. It is famous for the oldest stone- built-one in Japan. It was built in 1870 by an English engineer. So, the English-oak presented by English Embassy is planted near the lighthouse in memory of his achievement. The view of the Pacific Ocean at the lighthouse is very wonderful. The view tower was built on the side of the lighthouse lately. You can go up to it for free and can get a splendid view of the Pacific Ocean. In early spring, about 120,000 daffodils are in full bloom around the lighthouse.
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