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Shionomisaki cape is the southern most point of the Main Island in Japan. The cape is broadcast on TV frequently when a typhoon is coming to Kii peninsula. We call this area "Taifu Ginza", because typhoons often come to this area. But, spring is the best season for the fishing of bonito and we can eat fresh bonito-dishes; there are a lot of fishing grounds off the cape.
1.Shionomisaki Tower

There is a tower in front of a big grassland called "Bourou-no-shiba". It is seven stories high. You can buy some souvenirs of Kushimoto. You can also get a certificate that you have visited the southern most point of the main island in Japan.
2.Shionomisaki Lighthouse

There is a lighthouse on the way to Shionomisaki shrine. It was built 120 years ago for safety of ships. There is a wonderful view and you really get the impression that the earth is round.

There is a big grassland called "Bourou-no-shiba". It is 100,000 square meters. There are events such as: kite flying during the day and the burning of grass in the evening in late January.
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