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The Legend of Hashi-Gui-iwa (Bridge Pillar Rocks)
A long time ago, people in Kushimoto and Oshima Island tried to make a bridge between the coasts of Kushimoto and Oshima. But each time they tried to build it, the Amanojaku Monster appeared from the sea, and he broke the bridge. The people could do nothing about it.

One day, the greatest monk, Kobodaishi who was famous for his holy power, stopped in Kushimoto during a trip. People asked Kobo Daishi to persuade the Amonojaku Monster to let them make a bridge between Kushimoto and Oshima.

Kobo Daishi met the monster and asked him to let the people make the bridge.The Monster answered,
"Well, If you can make the bridge by yourself without anybody's help, I won't break it"
"By myself!? It's ridiculous!"
Kobo Daishi said.
"All right. I'll give you the strength of 100 horses, but the time limit is only one day and one night, by the time the early hen cries"
"OK, ..let me try."
Kobo Daishi said.

The next day, Kobo Daishi got up very early, and came back to Amanojaku. Amanojaku gave him the strength of 100 horses and said again,
"You agreed to stop it when the early hen cries, OK?"
Kobo Daishi started building the bridge. He collected big rocks from around, and threw them in the sea as pillars one after another. Amanojaku had thought that Kobo Daishi could never complete the bridge in time. But when Amanojaku looked at his work, he was surprised how fast Kobo Daishi was building it, and Amanojaku started to feel anxious.

In the middle of the night, Amanojaku became more and more worried. At last, he faked the voice of hen, and cried.
Kobo Daishi didn't realize that it was Amanojaku's voice, and he stopped working as he promised.

So that's why to this day, Hashi-gui rocks only go to the middle of the sea.
The Hashigui-rocks are located at the easternmost
point in Kushimoto, along the National Road 42.

"Hashi" is a Japanese word which means "Bridge", "Gui" means "Pillar". The rocks line up straight toward Oshima Island for 850m, just like rock pillars of a bridge. The unusual scenery was made by the waves and winds over a long period of time, and it's designated as a national natural monument.

Also the Hashigui-rocks are famous for the fantastic rising sun behind the rocks. The view changes with the angle of the sunshine, so you can see different scenes depending on the time you come.

After visiting Hashigui-rocks, you can walk to the Hashigui beach which is located just 500m away toward Kushimoto Sta.
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